Winners and losers

Today’s Telegraph Mandrake column highlights awards given to those who have worked against the just resettlement of the Chagossians in their homeland:

An aerial view of Diego Garcia (copyright holder unknown)

An aerial view of Diego Garcia (copyright holder unknown)

The Queen’s birthday honours require time to appreciate all the black humour. Simon Hughes, secretary of the Chagos Conservation Trust, got an MBE for “services to environmental conservation,” just five days after the Chagossians lost their judicial review of the Chagos Marine Protected Area.

Hughes was not keen on the islanders returning to resume fishing after they had been exiled in the Seventies to make way for a US air base. “We want to conserve the fish, coral, flora and fauna and humans are not compatible with that,” he had noted. Other experts felt that involving indigenous populations in conservation projects was the key to making them work.

In January, Derek Walton, the FCO’s legal adviser, got an OBE for “human rights and diplomacy,” just 12 days after he had seen off the islanders’ last hope of returning home at the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

The question is when will a supporter of Chagossian human rights and conservation of the Archipelago be honoured?

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  1. Lioness Kush says:

    It it shamefully dishonest of the British and Americans to firstly steal this land then to plot and plan to keep the rightful owners of it away using their laws and might. Giving awards to ministers for supposed ‘services’ in this dispute is rather like their attitude towards slave owners-compensating them for their ‘loss’ of slaves. The British government have consistently and arrogantly refused to pay reparations to the descendants of the African people whom they also stole-this would appear to be a generational trait which would instigate psychological ‘feasibility testing’ as to fitness to ‘serve and rule’ all things being fair and equal. They claim to be christians but obviously ignore even the laws of their bible for it clearly states that ‘ whoever steals a man should himself be put to death’ Heads of government beware of your mistreatment of people-particularly the black man!

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