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Today’s Guardian

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Great coverage in today’s Guardian: A piece on the front page, a full page inside, an editorial and even the Steve Bell cartoon.

Court victory for the islanders!

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The Court of Appeal has dismissed the Government’s appeal against the cancellation of laws passed by Royal Prerogative to keep the Chagos Islanders from returning home.

Richard Gifford, solicitor for the islanders, said: “This is now the third time that Olivier Bancoult, the leader of the Chagossian Community in exile, has proved to the satisfaction of English judges that nothing can separate his compatriots from their homeland. They now call upon the British Government for a new start in this abusive relationship and to proceed with the utmost urgency to restore these loyal British subjects to their homeland… Olivier Bancoult and the Chagos Islanders are ready to engage the Government in a constructive way to plan their resettlement in the knowledge that this is the only lawful and honourable course for the British Government to adopt.”

The full judgment can be read here.

The judges also refused the Government leave to appeal to the House of Lords, although the Lords can still choose to entertain an appeal.

Media coverage has been excellent, from the BBC, Reuters, The Guardian and many more media outlets.

Judgment on Wednesday

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The waiting is almost over: The judgment on the Government’s appeal against the Islanders’ victory last year will be handed down on Wednesday, 23 May at 9.30am in Court 71 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

We hope that the courts will again confirm the Islanders’ right to return to their homeland – if so it will be the third time they have had to do so.

We look forward to seeing as many supporters there as possible. Olivier Bancoult, chairman of the Chagos Refugees Group in Mauritius, will be in London for the ruling.