Getting involved

The Chagossians urgently need your help in their search for justice. Here are some ways you can make a difference.

Urge the government to provide resettlement and proper compensation

The islanders have lost their court battles in the UK for resettlement and proper compensation, but the more pressure is on the Government to do the right thing, the better chance they have of achieving justice.

Don’t forget to let us know what response you receive!


The UK Chagos Support Association is run on a very limited budget and depends on donations from the public. We urgently need donations to help raise awareness of the islanders’ plight among the public and those in power, and to support the Chagossians directly. Funds have recently been used to buy books for Chagossian children, repair homes in Mauritius, provide a computer for the community and to help with expenses when Chagossians have needed to attend Court hearings in London.

Donations can be made in several ways:
1. Cheques can be paid over the counter at any HSBC.
2. Cheques can be posted to our treasurer Peri Batliwala (email Peri at for her postal address).
3. Donations can be paid in online by any supporters here in UK or abroad who wish to support our work. The details you need to know for GB donations are:
Name of account: UKChSA
Branch sort code: 40 02 03
Account no: 81808583

For overseas donations you will also need these details:
IBAN no: GB21MIDL 40020381808583
Branch address: HSBC, 176 Camden High St, London NW1 8QL

If you make a donation by any of the means above, please also drop an email to our treasurer Peri Batliwala at with your name, the date of the transfer/donation and the amount.

Please do what you can – even small donations are critical for us. Your financial support will make all the difference.

Applying for funds

The UK Chagos Support Trust distributes money we raise to help individual Chagossians and groups. We have provided money to help repair homes, run events and organise sports teams.

If you are a Chagossian who wants to apply for funds, or a supporter who wants to apply for funds on behalf of a Chagossian, find out more here.

Write to your MP, MEP and/or the Foreign Secretary

The outrageous treatment of the Chagossians was kept quiet for many years and is only gradually becoming better known. It is therefore absolutely critical to tell those in power that you know, and that you care.

The best person to contact is your local MP. Write and tell them of your concerns about the treatment of the Chagossians and ask them to raise these directly with the Foreign Secretary. You can find out who your MP is and where to reach them at, and email or fax them directly for free. You can contact your MEP through the same site.

Or you can write directly to the Foreign Secretary, at:

The Rt Hon William Hague

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street

Don’t forget to let us know what response you receive!

Write letters to your local paper or a national newspaper

Letters in newspapers can be a very effective way of raising awareness of an issue to a large audience. They can also bring home to policy-makers that people care.

You could write either to local or national newspapers. Check their websites for the email address for readers letters.

The plight of the Chagossians sadly appears very rarely in the media. But Diego Garcia is often in the news because of the US military base on the island. Every time a newspaper reports Diego Garcia, why not remind the journalist or editor that the inhabitants have been removed? Or when a news report mentions the governments professed commitment to human rights, why not write a letter on the gross violation of human rights in the case of the Chagossians? The more publicity there is on the plight of the Chagossians, the better, and the more pressure this puts on policy-makers to act justly.

Raise awareness in your local community

Many supporters of the Chagossians are already members of other local campaigning or fundraising groups, such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, World Development Movement, CND, Cafod, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and many others. In your activities in these groups, why not also raise awareness, raise funds or take action in support of the Chagossians? Its easy to dedicate an evening or part of an event or to distribute materials to others explaining their plight.

Offer your time and skills

If you are available to offer practical help, please let us know where you are, what skills or experience you have, and what your availability is. Do you have experience in fundraising, writing, speaking, campaigning, computing, languages, law…? We are also very open to suggestions of how we can improve our work.

For those who live in the Crawley area

The hundreds of Chagossians living in Crawley particularly need the support of local people. Get in touch with the community groups in Crawley, the Diego Garcian Society and the Chagos Island Community Association. You can also write to local papers, MPs, MEPs and councillors.

And of course…

Keep visiting our site to stay up-to-date with Chagos developments. You can also join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to receive our monthly email update, just send an email to Celia Whittaker asking her to add you to the mailing list. And please contact us if you want to know more about what we are up to, what you can do to help, or if you have any other questions.