Marine Education Trust launches new Protect Chagos petition

The Marine Education Trust have today launched a new petition to lobby the Government on its plans to establish a marine reserve in the Chagos islands. In particular, the petition endorses plans to protect the environment of the Chagos archipelago but calls on the Government to work with the exiled Chagos islanders and the Government of Mauritius to devise an environmental protection regime that (a) safeguards the Chagossians’ right to resettlement and (b) protects Mauritius’ legitimate interests.

The MET’s petition is an excellent cause and is well worth signing. It stands in stark contrast to the petition organised by the Chagos Environment Network, which sadly makes no reference to the rights of the Chagossians and quite disingenuously suggests that a no-take fishing ban could be imposed without prejudice to the Chagossians’ interests.

Let there be no mistake: a ban on the Chagossians being able to fish their own waters would be disastrous to their campaign to be able to return home.

Please sign the MET’s Protect Chagos petition now, and show the UK Government that the British peoples’ sense of fair play is as strong as it always has been.

Please also circulate the petition widely, to your friends, family, colleagues and elected representatives, using this shortened link:


  1. Cristina says:

    Just to let you know that the petition has been translated into French and Spanish (Portuguese to follow) by Tlaxcala:

    Hope it helps.

  2. Peter Harris says:

    Cristina – thanks so much! I only just noticed this comment. That is a real help, and very kind of you! Much appreciated. Merci beaucoup y muchos gracias.

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