Stance of Yannick Mandarin contested

A response to the stance of Yannick Mandarin with regards to the Chagos Marine Protected Area is published below:

Further to the letter of Yannick Mandarin.

We the younger generation of the Chagossian community expresses our complete disapproval of the stance taken by Yannick Mandarin. We believe that he has been grossly misled.

We live in Mauritius but the dream to go back to our forefathers’ homeland remains ours and not to be snatched cruelly by anyone.

Our identity, origins, norms, traditions and values are inspired and derived from the Chagossians’ culture. Despite the fact that we have never been to Chagos, our parents and/or grandparents have ensured that the culture is not eradicated.

Ultimately, we would one day like to visit, develop and stay on our forefathers’ homeland.

We strongly reject the assertion that the Chagossians natives should be expected to forget the land where they were born. We are not against the preservation and conservation of the environment but we do not accept that these measures should be implemented at the expense of fundamental breaches of Human Rights.

It is be to be noted that the hearing regarding the judicial review contesting the legality of the unilaterally declared Marine Protected Area “MPA” a claim brought by Olivier Bancoult, Leader of the Chagos Refugees Group (CRG) is currently being held at the Royal Court of Justice, London.


Mr. Claudy Pauline,

Police Inspector

National Coast Guard

Mauritius Police Force

Gsm +(230) 259-5092


  1. Ted Morris says:

    The UKCSA has gone too far. Yannick is a student who worked and studied hard to earn a place on a scientific expedition to the Chagos. His crime? To say how moving his trip was on a personal level. But since he is not a member of the CRG or UKCSA, you attack him using a police inspector from Mauritius to intimidate and attempt to silence Yannick by expressing “complete disapproval” of Yannick’s “stance”. These are powerful words, and coming from a police official, shameful. Shame on the CRG and the UKCSA.

  2. Pete Raines says:

    To: Philippa Gregory, Press Officer: Philippa – please stop this abuse by UKCSA. You and Ben know better!!

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