New government, new politics. Now, a new approach to Chagos is badly needed

After days of haggling, the UK now has a new Government. With it comes new hope for supporters of the Chagossians’ right of return: both the Foreign Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as several other key figures, have already pledged to take action on the issue.

Unsurprisingly, former Tory leader William Hague was one of the first people to be appointed to the cabinet, taking over from David Miliband at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is positive news, as Mr Hague is on record as saying:

I can assure you that if elected to serve as the next British government we will work to ensure a fair settlement of this long-standing dispute.

In this same letter, Mr Hague also referenced his deputy, Keith Simpson, who has made two parliamentary speeches on the Chagossians’ right of return in recent months, declaring:

“There is a great deal of sympathy from those on both sides of the house for the plight of the Chagossians, and their interests must be placed at the heart of any decision made about their homeland.”

there should at the very least be a timetable for the return of those people to the outer islands. The Foreign Office should recognise that the House of Commons feels very strongly on that”.

Other Conservatives who have spoken out in favour of the right of return, or who have otherwise expressed their support, include Henry Smith (the new MP for Crawley), Mark Field, Peter Bottomley, Bill Cash, Lorraine Fullbrook, Helen Grant and Anne McIntosh (expected to be re-elected in Thirsk and Malton later this month).

For the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg’s office has previously written to state:

“Nick and the Liberal Democrats believe that the Government has a moral responsibility to allow these people to at last return home.”

This is a strong and unequivocal statement from the UK’s new Deputy Prime Minister, perhaps the second most powerful man in the country, and adds to the reams of pledges of support that other senior Liberal Democrats such as Jo Swinson have given.

The coalition talks between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats took several days to complete, with difficult policy compromises being made by each side. However, on the issue of the Chagossians’ right of return, there should be no difference between the two parties.

Labour failed to deliver justice for the Chagossians because of the unwillingness to perform a U-Turn and because of a disappointing lack of leadership. Whilst the case for resettlement was unanswerable, the political will was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, the new coalition government offers a fresh start and a real opportunity for a swift and just resolution to the saga.

The coalition government has already written its policy on the Chagos islands. Let’s hope that the right to return can be implemented swiftly  and with conviction.


  1. Celia Whittaker says:

    Brilliant! Let’s hope the coalition fulfil the expectations raised whilst they were in opposition!

  2. If, or rhater:when the US government will dictate that the Chagossians cannot return “for security reasons”, will there be any doubt that this coalition govenrment will not comply?
    I do not believe this for one second.

  3. John Kelly says:

    Be very very careful, I like other people fear that the Chagos Islands as a “Marine Conservation Area” might be used to exclude all human activity except say the US base!!
    It could be poison chalice.

    All the best,

    John K.
    PS. I doubt whether our new airhead MP has heard of the Chagos Islands.

  4. Janette Esparom says:

    We are hopeful, as we’ve always been in our struggle, but let’s pray that this time this sad and unfair saga will come to an end and our dreams would be realised!

  5. kumar Swamy says:

    Great news of the positive things that have been said while in opposition.
    We need now to press them on their promises to act to be implemented.
    May all who want justice and decency of Good decent honest ways of governing be people of action and truthfulness.
    May the GOD whose ways are just and righteous help these new members of the Government to do what is needed to set right the unrighteous immoral actions of the past and cause our nation to be blessed by GOD. Our prayers are for strength to Govern the country in truthfull ways and
    be Honest in all their dealings.

  6. Geoff Allan says:

    I’ve been tracking the history of the squalid behaviour of our government since hearing about the excellent work done by Jeremy Corbyn MP and others.

    I’d like to see the coalition government take a fresh, fair and decent approach to the issue, instead of a continuation of the previous government policy of using lawyers (at our expense) to deny the Chagossians justice and hide behind legal technicalities.

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