Petition to President Obama

Barack ObamaSign the petition calling on President Obama to right the wrongs done to the people of Chagos.

600 signatures at the last count… and we’re aiming for 25,000!


  1. J Dearling says:

    The shame this episode brings upon the English and American peoples will probably never be undone but something could still be done to alleviate the suffering and pain we unjustly inflicted upon the Chagossians if only our leaders had the strength and integrity to admit to and deal with it.

  2. marie says:

    Well, i sincerely wish that one day one of those “LEADERS” will admits that there predecessors’ done wrong against my people and put an end at those continuous genocide……. as many families are being broken and still affected with what has happen & what is still happening . Many chagossians came to UK to have a better life but unfortunately they can’t be united as those silly leaders forget that the other half can’t speak english as they have never had a change to learn since they had to work at young age because of them….I wonder who will be Brave and strong to Admit The Breach Of Chagossians Human Rights

  3. Gaillard says:

    Please help this poor people !

  4. danny koomanikooa says:

    return chagos please

  5. ivy ragoobeer says:

    return chagos

  6. judex ragoobeer says:

    return chagos

  7. Christophe Macquet says:

    Yes we can

  8. Christophe macquet says:

    hand high for chagos

  9. Eric Collen says:

    It is incredible that in the 20th Century a nation could be expelled from its country and the world knows little about it. Now is the time to do something about it and show that the arrogance and the power of money have no longer its place in a just world that President Obama promised.

  10. Every body has the right to see the place where they born

  11. Please they need your help,thanks.

  12. Valerie says:

    Only 1,888 signatures needed at this point. Almost to the goal of 25,000!

  13. rosemarie emilien says:

    I,Rosemarie Emilien was born on chagos Island in 1959 been suffering and pain the ways I been treated on my own island. I sign this petition so I can get the chance to go back because I got lots to tells my grand children where I come from originaly.

  14. Frank says:

    Every homeless islander is a Badge of shame,worn by the racist, ignorant British.

  15. Caleb says:

    I feel ashamed and sorry for what my country (the UK) has done to the Chaggosians. It was selfish and wrong to treat you in that way. I hope you get the number of signatures you need, I definitely will sign the petition. I hope you will be able to live on your island again. I’m sorry for the part my country has played in removing you from your homeland.

  16. Conor says:

    Just want to show my support. You deserve your home back.

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