Sign the petition to let the Chagossians return

Lagoon, Egmont Island (Photo: Karin Sinniger)

Lagoon, Egmont Island (Photo: Karin Sinniger)

A new petition has been launched with the ambition of racking up 100,000 signatures in the next 12 months. The petition is open to residents of the UK only, but if you live abroad and know people in the UK, ask them to sign.

The petition calls on the British government to work with the US to allow the banished Chagossian people to return home immediately. Their continued eviction violates several articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights every day that it goes on. The indigenous Chagossian people have suffered for over 45 years. They must be allowed to return to their homeland, the Chagos Islands, without further delay.


  1. Simon says:

    I support the Chagosians right to return home. The US airbase will have to be moved to another location.

  2. These people deserve there right to there land. I am completely disgusted by the UK and my country (US) for the actions against these people.

  3. Philip Jones says:

    The Chagos islanders have been deprived of their homeland without their consent by powers that are stonger economically and militarily. I am ashamed of my country for being a party to this.

  4. George Brown says:

    These people have been deprived of their nationality and heritage as well as their homeland due to extreme greed and carelessness. I still can’t believe that these people are living in slums on the island of Mauritius and are being classed as British even though their routes clearly specify that they are the people of Chagos and that is what they want. Many of their people have died due to our selfishness and do not have a nationality to associate themselves with. Wake up and send them back to their homeland and let them be happy and proud of being chagossians

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