Watch ‘Stealing a Nation’ online

John Pilger’s excellent film Stealing a Nation is now available to watch in full online via Vimeo.

The film tells the story of the illegal eviction of the Chagos islanders and their fight for justice, up to 2004 when the Blair government used the Royal Prerogative to overrule the courts and stop them returning. Stealing a Nation is a moving and revealing introduction to the shocking story of Chagos.

For a quick summary of developments in the Chagos struggle since 2004, see our history section here.


  1. I find myself wondering what was the Chagossian ‘state of play’ was, when St Tony expressed ‘deep sorrow’ regarding the slave trade (2006). We British allow our most pernicious individuals to rise to obscene power – our noble queen does as she is told.
    This is the Age of Perversity.

  2. Leandra says:

    Thank you for bngniirg attention to our fellow British Overseas Territory citizens in the Indian Ocean. We trust that the Privy Council will soon support their cause.Bob ConrichAnguillaBritish West Indies

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