"A shockingly recent act of imperial arrogance’" was one journalist’s description of the eviction of the Chagos islanders.

‘It’s no exaggeration – the courts have heard plenty of evidence about the conspiracy of lies and half truths by the UK and the US, designed to allow them to trample on the rights of thousands of people without anybody finding out. Now, four decades on, the eviction has been ruled illegal, legal battles have been won and lost and the Chagossian people fight on.


The Government have accepted that a return is "practically feasible," following a Government-commissioned study by KPMG which suggested a return is feasible on both an economic and environmental level (not to mentioned moral).

Despite this and cross party support for the right of return for the Chagossians the Government will still not grant a return of any kind on the basis of security, and cost to the British taxpayer.


All those supportive of the Chagossian cause need to come together now to change history for the better. We are currently faced with a unique opportunity. If we do not take it, we will be as guilty as those who carried out the deportation in the first place.


Want to know more? Let Chagossians tell you in their own words in Let Us Return (2015), the 15 minute film, below. If you have a little more time watch John Pilger's seminal feature film, 'Stealing a Nation (2004),' available just below Let Us Return.