Other Chagos-related sites

Supporting the islanders:
Other supporters:

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

The trust promotes democratic reform, constitutional change and social justice, and has helped fund our projects to bring about resettlement of the northern atolls of Chagos


Human Rights Watch


Dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.


Minority Rights Group

Working to protect the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous populations around the world.


Labour Friends of Chagos Islanders

A group of Labour members campaigning for justice for the islanders

Mark Curtis is the author of Unpeople: Britain’s secret human rights abuses and Web of deceit: Britain’s real role in the world



The Peace Exchange

Resources on struggles for peace and justice worldwide, from the Quaker Peace and Social Witness.

The website of Jeremy Corbyn, MP, who has voiced his support for the cause of the Chagossians in the House of Commons. There is an article on the Chagos islands in the "articles" section.

The website of John Pilger, the award winning journalist whose recent film Stealing a nationhas brought the plight of the Chagos islanders into the public eye like never before

The website of David Vine, where you can order his 2009 book Island of Shame: The Secret History of the US Military Base on Diego Garcia



Mauritian socialist movement (Lalit = "Struggle")

Governments & officials:

10 Downing Street


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Find your MP’s or MEP’s contact details and get in touch with them


The Government of Mauritius


US Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia

Other Sites:

The Chagos Conservation Trust 

A trust promoting conservation of the Chagos islands – but with little reference to the islanders

A planned film documentary on the Chagos islands


‘Exiled from paradise’

Information about Anita Sullivan’s 2005 radio play about the exiled people of Diego Garcia Diego Garcia

Information on the military base, including a great photo gallery.

"The Provisional People’s Republic of Diego Garcia"

A site by Ted Morris, an American servicemen stationed on Diego Garcia.


The World Factbook: British Indian Ocean Territory

The entry on the Chagos archipelago from the CIA’s World Factbook.


Inuit battle to shut US air base

A 2003 BBC report on the struggle of a group of Inuit people in Greenland to reclaim the land they were forced to leave to make way for the United States’ Thule Air Base



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