Chagossian Cultural Fair

The Chagossian Woman's Welfare Association will be hosting a Chagossian cultural fair in Crawley this weekend, featuring a wide array of entertainment. Local singers and performers will mix with big names from Mauritius such as Omaz Crew.

The event will be held at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley this Saturday, from 12PM to 8PM. With children allowed to attend at a discounted rate, it is a great family day out.

For Chagossians, it is a great opportunity to come together, away from the stresses of everyday life in exile and the battle for justice, to celebrate their culture. For non-Chagossians too it offers a chance to appreciate how Chagossian culture still thrives in East Surrey's Crawley, the adopted home of thousands of UK-based Chagossians.

As we recognise the value of maintaining Chagossian culture, we made a modest donation to the organisation of the fair. Costs for organising such an event are extremley high though so please do consider buying a ticket; at £8 a ticket for adults it is an utter bargain anyway.

Any profits will go to support the work of the Chagossian Women's Welfare Association.

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