Sangren: New Exhibition from Chagossian Artist Clement Saitous

From 12th September to 17th October those of you lucky enough to be in New York will be able to visit an exclusive exhibition by Chagossian Artist Clement Siatous. A selection of Mr Saitous' work will be on show at the Simon Preston Gallery.

The exhibition, which will include work from throughout the artist's career, has been named Sangren. 'Sangren' is a term loaded with meaning for Chagossians, used to express the crushing sadness and despair of exile. Trapped in poverty-stricken exile in Mauritius and The Seychelles, Chagossians reported their familes were dying of Sangren.

There's a great deal of positivity too, however, in what Mr Saitous calls his "self-imagination" paintings. Through art, he seeks to "claim ownership of his own history."

A self-taught Artist, Mr Saitous has said previously he begun painting his homeland as "the UK Government said there were no Chagossians." (as indeed they did).

Anyone with the opportunity to go along will be in for a unique experience. The exhibition has been curated by Laura Naughton as part of the New Atlantis project, a multi-media project charting the hertitage of the Chagossian people. You can find out more about Ms Naughton's project here.

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