Champion for Chagossian Justice Jeremy Corbyn Wins Labour Leadership

After a long campaign Jeremy Corbyn, who has spent decades fighting for Chagossians right to return to their homeland and just recompense for their brutal deportation, has won the leadership of the UK Labour Party. Initially a complete outsider, Mr Corbyn stormed to victory winning 60 per cent of the vote.

You can see our exclusive interview with Mr Corbyn on the fight for Chagossian justice below.

With Liberal Democrat peer Lord Avebury, Mr Corbyn founded the Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group in 2008. Even prior to this he had worked to secure citizenship rights for deported Chagossians in Parliament.

Now as he takes up the role of official Leader of the Opposition, Mr Corbyn is expected to give the issue unprecedented prominence in the Labour Party's foreign policy.

In an interview with us late last year Mr Corbyn explained how he became involved with what at times seemed like a lost cause. "I became involved simply because what happened to Chagossians was wrong...I've spent years working with Chagossians leaders and I've come to respect them immensely for work their commitment to the cause."

During the interview Mr Corbyn is adamant that return to Chagos can and must be accomplished in the very near future. Now he has won the leadership of his party, he can argue with authority that return must be delivered urgently, in a fair and straightforward manner.

UK Chagos Support Association Committee Chair Stefan Donnelly congratulated Mr Corbyn on his election and praised his commitment to win Chagossian justice. "Jeremy has been a really committed champion of the cause for so many years."

"At this critical time in the fight for justice for Chagossians we can only be delighted such an informed and passionate advocate of the much abused Chagossian people is in a position of such influence. We all look forward to working with him to ensure Chagossians can be properly and fairly supported in their return to their homeland."

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