Upcoming Chagos Events in London

Our next free film screening will be hosted by Global Justice Now, a South London based NGO

UK Chagos Support Association are happy to announce a series of events coming up in the next few weeks and days. We have of course already annouced a screening of 'Stealing a Nation' at the Barbican on 2 December, which will feature a personal introduction by John Pilger himself. After the event there will be an expert panel discussion and question and answer session featuring Chagossians and others involved in the campaign. Tickets are available now directly from the Barbican.

Global Justice Now Event

On a much smaller scale, we'll also be hosting an event on 12 November at the offices of South London campaigning NGO Global Justice Now. This is free to attend and will feature a screening of 'Let Us Return,' the excellent short film made last year by Andy Marsh. You can confirm your attendance now on Facebook. If you don't have an account do let us know via email as space is fairly limited.

Places are very limited so please do let us know in advance if you would like to come along. Things should get started at 19:00 at the Global Justice Now Office (66 Offley Rd, London SW9 0LS)

The event will also feature a question and answer sessions with Chagossians and other speakers. Sabrina Jean, Chairperson of the UK Branch of Chagos Refugee Group will speak as will legal scholar Kinnari Bhatt, who specalises in complexities of the Chagossian legal history.

SOAS Event

If the Global Justice Now event comes a little too early for you, we'll be running a very similar event later this month at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). Again this is likely to feature a film screening and expert speakers, with the chance to ask questions about the campaign, history and everything happening now.

Again give us an email or confirm your place on Facebook.

Chagos Themed Poetry Live

The final Chagos event taking place in November promises to be something unique. You can see Saradha Soobrayen read out some of her Chagos-themed poetry at the launch of the latest edition of Long Poem Magazine on 11th November at the Barbican. Full details can be found here but things get started at 6:30PM.

Soobrayen has spent much of the past year working on a poetic inquiry into the Chagos Islands. Earlier this year her work focused on Chagossians' relationship with the environment of their homeland, 'Their Homecoming is Not Yet Out of Sight, Not Yet Out of Reach,' won the Pacure Nature Reserve poetry prize. You can get a feel for Soobrayen's work from a previous website report on her project.

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