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Benjamin Zephaniah to back Chagossians at Barbican this Wednesday

This Wednesday at London's Barbican Centre, UK Chagos Support Association Patron Benjamin Zephaniah will kick off a night focused on the Chagossian fight for justice. The respected writer will introduce a special screening of 'Stealing a Nation,' the seminal 2004 film detailing how in the 1960s and 70s Chagossians were forced from their homeland by the UK Government, so a military base could be built on the Islands.

You can find out more about the event on Facebook.

The film was made by internationally renowned film-maker John Pilger, who will also be in attendance and will deliver a short address before the screening. Since the film's release ten years ago the Chagossian campaign for the right to return has intensified and Mr Pilger's work has been central to the issue's increased profile.

After the film screening, the audience will have a rare opportunity to ask questions directly to those involved in the campaign, including Chagossian leaders, politicians and other supporters.

Right now the Government is on the verge of making a decision on whether to support Chagossian return, following an independent Government-commissioned report which stated resettlement could be successful. This event comes at a critical time as campaigners try to cultivate critical public backing for the Chagossians' long struggle.

Commenting on his involvement, Benjamin Zephaniah stated “As a long-time supporter of the Chagossians' fight for justice, I'll be delighted to be involved in a special night for the campaign.”

“No-one watching John Pilger's film, or hearing the Chagossian speakers, will be left in any doubt about how Chagossians have suffered over the years. We all need to come together to demand justice for Chagossians now."

Tickets are still available directly from the Barbican website. The evening gets started at 6:30M.

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