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Mayday Chagossian cultural heritage event

This Mayday in Crawley Chagossians took the opportunity to hold a cultural event, with native-born Chagossians sharing unique aspects of their culture with children, largely ‘third-generation’ Chagossians.

The event allowed natives to pass on those cultural practices, including dances, coconut crafts, traditional foods and singing, which made life on the islands unique. Young Chagossians enjoyed learning more about their heritage, culture and history, as you can see in this video recording from Chagos Refugee Group UK, who organised the event.

This event was in part funded by your donations; so thank you very much for making this happen. Keeping Chagossian culture alive is really important for the community. Remember, 50 years ago the British Government tried to claim Chagossians didn't exist; that they were just “migrant workers.”

In spite of everything, fifty years on, Chagossians are still proving them wrong.

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