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Island of Shame is the most comprehensive history of the Chagossian people's exile and subsequent fight for justice. Written by US academic David Vine, the powerful piece summarises several decades of UK and US intrigue against the Chagossian people and their simple desire to live in their homeland. Donate £20 and we'll send you a copy!

The history of the Chagos Islands can at times seem overwhelmingly complex and obscure, but Professor Vine bring to life with great clarity and insight. A passionate supporter of the Chagossian cause, he also provides an analysis of how and why successive US and UK Governments behaved the way they did.

Perhaps most valuable is the interviews and comments within the book from Chagossian exiles and activists. The memories of native-born Chagossians, forced into poverty in the slums of Mauritius and the Seychelles, serve as a valuable archive of a terrible human rights abuse.

You can read reviews of David Vine's Island of Shame, on the Princeton Press website and on Goodreads

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All royalties from Professor Vine's book go towards the Chagossian people.

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