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Ask your MP to sign for Chagos Justice!

A new motion has been launched in Parliament calling on the UK Government to back Chagossians long-running struggle to return to their homeland. The cross party motion already has 47 signatures, with members from all parties in the Westminster Parliament adding their names.

Please ask your MP to sign the motion now. No matter who they are or what party they are in, please ask. You can write to your MP asking they sign Early Day Motion 79 on your behalf quickly and simply through Evidence if it were needed the Chagossian struggle for justice transcends party politics. It is a basic question of human values and honouring our obligations to our fellow citizens. The Early Day Motion comes at a critical time as the UK and US Governments look to extend the agreement on the use of the Chagos Islands, which expires at the end of this year. The original agreement led to the deportation of the Chagossian people, and the motion calls for any extension to be dependent upon mutual UK-US support for a Chagossian return programme. We need to show that the people of the UK will not accept this in our name any longer. Its time for #ChagosReturn.

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