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Mauritian Media Round Up

Mauritian Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth

With a few exceptions-such as the recent Supreme Court verdict-the Chagos Islands have a pretty low media profile in this country. In Mauritius, however, they enjoy slightly more regular and high profile coverage.

This is in part due to an ongoing sovereignty dispute between Mauritius and the UK over the Chagos Archipelago. UK Chagos Support Association takes no position on this dispute, other than to say Chagossians themselves must be central in any future decision.

With that in mind, we have compiled a short media summary of recent coverage of the Chagos Islands in the Mauritian press. Links to the original articles (in French) are included.

Chagos coverage in Mauritian Media

Le Defi Media, Paul Berenger Invites All MPs to go to Chagos by boat

Paul Berenger, leader of the oppisition

Le Defi headlined the Honourable Leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger, inviting all MPs to go to Chagos by boat. Paul Bérenger has invited all Mauritian MPs to go to the Chagos by boat, " because the archipelago belongs to us." He believes that this initiative could make a nice publicity stunt around the approach of the Mauritian state to claim its sovereignty over the Chagos . "We must choose the right moment and move forward with this initiative : A boat for Diego”, said Paul Berenger .

The paper also reports that Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius, invited the United Kingdom to communicate by the end of June, the date on which he intends to leave Diego Garcia. But at the end of what is perceived as an "ultimatum, a few more days was granted to the British. David Cameron asked him to wait the formation of the new British government to resume negotiations.

ION News, The Appeal of Olivier Bancoult rejected by the UK Supreme Court

ION announced the verdict and commented the judgment and stated, “The Full Bench believes that the undisclosed document by the British authorities at the time, and which have been produced for the first time in 2012, would have had no impact on the outcome of the 2008 trial These crucial documents according to Olivier Bancoult, concern the findings of a feasibility study conducted in 2002 on a possible return of the Chagossians on the archipelago. The Supreme Court notes, moreover, that the circumstances have changed. The British government has undertaken in 2014-2015, a feasibility study on a possible return. It is now up to the Chagossians, said Lord Mance during its reading of the judgment, to challenge in court the fact that the 2004 decrees have not been repealed, based this time on the study 2014-2015.”

ION News reiterated Mauritius’ position - if the United Kingdom refuses to initiate discussions on a return of the islands, Mauritius will pursue their claim with the International Court of Justice.


5 Plus also mentioned the deadline given by Mauritius to the United Kingdom, and the extension of the deadline requested by UK and the USA. It also mentions that the Mauritian PM does not think Britain will hand over Chagos back. In Parliament this week, he said he would go after this fight: "It is clear that the British do not intend to return to us the Chagos. We have to fight. There is no question of surrendering. They act in the most dictatorial manner. " A little gift of a few days, it's nice from super SAJ, but it's short (and not necessarily sweet for the British). Nevertheless, it is certainly enough for the ground of David Cameron to sort out an answer that should satisfy the Mauritian authorities... or not. Because everything is possible now.”

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