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Chagossian football team begin challenge for World Unity Cup

The Olympics may be over, but international sporting action continues this week in London, with the Chagossian international football team taking part in the World Unity Cup. And you can back them as they go for glory.

The four-team competition also features Dafur United and Tamil Eelam (Isle of Man). The tournament takes place at Sutton Football Club's ground in South London, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Ln, Sutton SM1 2EY.

All are welcome to attend and tickets will be available on the day. You can find out more on the official tournament website.

The tournament will complete a busy summer for the Chagossian team, who made history by taking part in the CONIFA World Cup in July. CONIFA, who organise international competitions for unrecognised nations and micro states, are officially sanctioning the World Unity Cup.

As well as giving young Chagossians a chance to celebrate their unique culture, the football team has helped raise the profile of Chagossians wider fight for justice. Their participation in the CONIFA World Cup last month attracted media coverage from all around the world, including the BBC, ABC and the Guardian (link to summary of Chagos FA's efforts during the tournament).

Sponsorship Opportunity

With the team more active and high-profile than ever, now is the perfect time for interested businesses or individuals to become official sponsors of the team. The team is looking for any interested party wanting to be a part of this historic project to support Chagossian culture, raise awareness and help young Chagossians.

In return you'll receive prominent promotion as the team competes and feature in the frequent media coverage the team recieves. Chagos FA are flexible about the terms of any sponsorship deal so if you are interested please contact for more details.

If you want to do something really immediate, the team are still looking for a minibus and driver to take them to the game. If anyone can provide this service it'll be hugely appreciated.

Not able to commit to sponsorship? You can give whatever you can afford to the team's Crowdfunding effort right now. All donations make a big difference.


The Chagossian team will get started on Friday 26th at 6PM, and will in action again at 6PM the following day (Saturday 27th). If all goes well, you can then catch them in the final on Sunday 28th!

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