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CHAGOS Cultural Heritage project to begin this summer

Scenes from a Chagossian cultural celebration in May 2016

CHAGOS: Cultural Heritage Across the Generations, is an exciting new Chagossian cultural heritage project, which is due to begin this summer and run for a year.

It will be led by social anthropologists Dr Laura Jeffery and Dr Rebecca Rotter, who have worked with the Chagossian community and supported their fight for justice since 2001 and 2011 respectively. They will work with a team including poet-in-residence Saradha Soobrayen, linguist Professor Vinesh Hookoomsing, and arts and heritage project manager Carolyn Murphy.

Chagos Refugees Group are also involved in organising and delivering the project, which will take place in the UK and Mauritius, and all members of the Chagossians community are welcome to get involved.

Workshops are planned were younger generations of Chagossians will learn traditional songs, dances, handicrafts and recipes from Chagossian elders. Workshops will be delivered in Kreol.

Recordings and artefacts from the workshops will generate physical exhibitions in Mauritius and at Crawley Museum. Pictures and recordings of the workshops will also be published on a new website, which will act as an online hub of Chagossian culture. It will also feature traditional Chagossian songs and recipes.

For more information on this project, please contact Dr Laura Jeffery and Dr Rebecca Rotter.

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