Sponsor our volunteer in running the Rotterdam marathon!

You can back our work supporting the Chagossian community and their fight for justice this year by sponsoring our volunteer and Vice-Chair Stefan Donnelly in running the Rotterdam Marathon in on 9 April. You can donate directly to us to sponsor him (saves us a few pennies in processing fees!) or even easier you can donate via GoFundMe.

Donate over £10 and we'll even send you a tote bag to help raise awareness of the cause.

UK Chagos Support Association relies entirely on small individual donations to fund our work. We have no staff, no offices and so can promise that your donation will go directly to supporting the Chagossian community.

Over the past several years we have helped fund Chagossian protests and political meetings, hardship grants to Chagossian families in crisis and vital Chagossian community projects, including cultural days which help bring the community together and supporting the Chagossian national football team. You can find out more about how we use your donations on our donate page.

“Though I’d never done one before, I had been thinking about running a marathon this year, and I realised it would be a great opportunity to raise vital funds for UK Chagos Support Association a critical time. I can't think of an organisation I'd rather support." said Stefan, explaining his decision.

“In the two-and-a-bit years I’ve been involved in UK Chagos Support Association, I’ve been lucky enough to see the first hand the difference our funds make. Supporters’ donations have helped make Chagossian protests happen that have made national news. We’ve backed Chagossian-led community projects, from cultural events where elders pass on traditional practices to youngsters, to the Chagossian national football team and English lessons.”

“They’ve also supported numerous Chagossian families facing extreme difficulty, with our hardship grants.”

“Crucially our priorities are set by what the Chagossian community want. That’s why that community support work is just as important as supporting their campaign for justice and the right to live in their homeland.”

“Yes, we need to push the UK government to deliver justice, but there’s no need to wait. We have the ability to deliver at least a measure of justice ourselves. Chagossians still suffer today as the direct consequence of the deportations because of the actions of governments. Please make a donation, of any size, and directly show your support for the Chagossian community has been neglected, mistreated, ignored and outrightly abused and oppressed by successive governments across the world.”

Please give anything you can support the cause. Following the disappointment of the UK government's failure to back return late last year, we need to show that there's still a commitment by the people of the UK, US and beyond to back the Chagossian people as they seek to win a measure of justice.

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