Chagossians protest unfair deportations

Chagossians will gather outside the an immigration Tribunal at Taylor House in London tomorrow (Tuesday 16th) in a show of support for Stellio Larosee, a member of the exiled Chagossian community, who is facing deportation from Britain. The protest will take place from 8:30AM to 12 Noon.

All supporters of the Chagossian community are urged to join the protest if they can and stand in solidarity with the community as they fight for justice. Full details below.

Deportations are commonplace among Chagossians, as a result of nationality law that does not take into account their unique history.

Community members will gather to argue that their exile from their homeland in the 1960s and 1970s by the UK and US Governments has directly led to their confused nationality status, which is causing so many families to be torn apart by deportations or time in detention centres.

At the protest, Chagossians and campaigners, including the celebrated historical author Phillipa Gregory, will call for an amendment to nationality law, so that all Chagossians who were born in exile are eligible for British Overseas Territories Citizenship, which was taken away from them when they were exiled. They will also call for special measures to help reunite families.

Isabel Charlot, Chair of Chagos Islands Movement (CIM) says:

“We are here today to support yet another member of our community who is facing deportation. Our families have been suffering unfair deportations for years, and as a consequence far too many Chagossian families are suffering painful separations, which are ruining lives.

“As well as the terrible emotional pain, these separations are a huge financial burden on the community. The cost of fighting these unfair deportations is enormous.”

Stefan Donnelly, of the UK Chagos Support Association says:

“Chagossians historic deportation was a uniquely heartless betrayal of its own citizens by the UK government. The deportations Chagossians still face today do massive damage to the community.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if Chagossians had been allowed to remain in their homeland rather than shipped off to live in dire poverty. The British Government should take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, reform immigration law to help Chagossians and make it easier for families to rebuild their lives together.”


Tuesday 16 May - 8:30AM - 12 Noon


Taylor House Immigration Centre

88 Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QU

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