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Seychelles Chagossians to challenge UK government decision

Chagossians living in the Seychelles on a rare visit back to Chagos

The Association of Chagossians in the Seychelles have released a statement criticising the UK government's offer of a £40m support package for Chagossians across the Seychelles, Mauritius and the UK. Commenting on the package, the Association Chair Pierre Prosper said that the money "would not go far"

In a statement reported by Seychelles News Agency, Mr Prosper urged the UK to consider a "fair settlement" instead, and also confirmed the Association would be challenging the package in the courts.

The difficulties faced by elderly Chagossians in the UK was particularly highlighted as a reason more support was required. "The older generation is the worst off, with some barely getting by, while others lack some of the necessities such as clean water and indoor toilets.”

Chagossians deported to The Seychelles never received any compensation for their deportation, meaning many faced extreme difficulties adapting to life in the Seychelles.

The right to return is still on the mind of many Chagossians in the Seychelles too. Even those Chagossians who felt they were now too old to return said they felt the right of return would bring "closure" to the community.

Speaking about life in exile to Seychelles News Agency, native born Chagossian Gladyel Sakir described the difficulties of her life in exile.

"Life was unbearable. I had two small children and we had nothing as we left everything behind. These were hard and painful times which we cannot forget, the biggest challenge was the adaptation."

"My life is still tough as I am blind. I am also a grandmother and I want a better deal for my children and grandchildren. I hope the British gives us our dues -- we have been fighting for this and we will keep on fighting."

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