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Chagossians protest unfair immigration laws in London

Last Tuesday Chagossians gathered outside Taylor House in London to protest against deportations which continue to plague many Chagossian families in the UK. Many of the problems Chagossians face stem directly from the consequences of their deportation in late 1960s and early 1970s.

The protest was a show of support for Stellio Larosee, a member of the Crawley community, who is facing deportation from Britain. But it was also intended to raise the profile of this issue and urge politicians to take account of the special status of Chagossians owing to their history, and to take measures to correct the consequences of the UK-ordered deportation.

News agency Ruptly filmed part of the protest (above), which includes interviews with the organisers of the protest.

Our volunteers also attended the protest, handing out leaflets to passers-by to educate them on the issues, inviting media organisations to cover the story and taking some of the below pictures. Our Patron Philippa Gregory also spoke to BBC radio about Chagossian immigration issues and the necessary legal reforms. An audio recording is below, followed by a selection of pictures from the protest.

A selection of photographs from the protest

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