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Mancheter Chagossians community trip

Many of the news stories we report here deal with the high-stakes geo-politics the Chagossian people have become involved in due to a unique and too often tragic history.

But an equal part of our work, using your donations, is to support the Chagossian community in exile. That's why we recently helped a Manchester-based group of Chagossians arrange a community trip to the seaside, designed to give Chagossian elders a chance to come together and spend time with their families and the wider community.

Claudia Nariana, who organised the trip, commented that

"The elders were the ones who have made the most of it as they unfortunately do not get the opportunity to go on trips like this very often. The younger ones have been making new friends as well. Three generations of Chagossians have got together to make the day a success."

Manchester has the second biggest Chagossian community in the UK, after Crawley in Sussex, with around 400 Chagossians living mainly in city outskirts around Wythenshawe.

Like Chagossians elsewhere, the heartless deportations of the 1960s and 1970s continue to mar the lives of Chagossians to this day.

Many elderly Chagossians are still haunted by memories of being expelled from the land of their and their families birth. Whilst those born in exile have often faced lives of severe poverty, discrimination and families split for decades.

Keeping Chagossian communities together in the face of such hardship, and keeping Chagossian culture strong and vibrant, takes work. Trips like this give the community a chance to come together and maintain their unique bond.

We continue to call for the UK government to live up to it's responsibilities to the Chagossian people. But we also know we can not just wait for that to happen. It is the responsibility of all of us to support the Chagossian community in exile now. Anything you can give will be used to do this. More details about how we use your donations are available here.

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