CHAGOS community project website launches this Saturday

"This Saturday (28 October) in Crawley the Chagossian community will be celebrating International Creole Day with a day of Chagossian cultural heritage activities at Crawley Library between 11am and 6pm.

Activities include: sega music and dance performances, film screenings with Q&A, and activities for children, storytelling and poetry recitals, and the launch of the CHAGOS: Cultural Heritage Across Generations website.

Chagossian community groups have been hard at work organising the event, and will lead activities on the day.

All are welcome to the event, which is free to attend. It will be a great opportunity to learn about Chagossian culture and support the community, which has fought valiantly to continue that unique culture through the often immense difficulties of exile."

The CHAGOS project has already helped lead to an ongoing programme of community organised cultural sessions in Crawley,

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