UK Chagos Support Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

Our Annual General Meeting recently took place, on Saturday 28 October at Brixton Pound Cafe in London.

At the meeting, we reviewed the past year, discussed our priorities for the next year and confirmed the membership of our committee.

The only change to the committee membership this year was that Anna Ellis, previously vice-chair of UK Chagos Support Association, has been replaced in that role by Rashida Simpson. We welcome Rashida, a long time an enthusiastic volunteer with UK Chagos Support Association, and thank Anna for her hard work over the past year.

Looking back we reflected that since our previous AGM we had the deep disappointment of the the UK government's decision not to support a Chagossian return programme. All in attendance agreed this had been a terrible mistake and we renewed our commitment to support the Chagossian fight for justice.

We also discussed the many other immediate challenges Chagossians living in the UK and elsewhere continue to face, including families split by immigration, access to housing and costs of emergencies such as funerals. We discussed ways UK Chagos Support Association, bearing in min the organisation's limited resources, could support the Chagossian community to address some of these challenges.

Looking forward we discussed an upcoming Ten Minute Rule Bill which will focus on reforms to immigration laws which would affect Chagossians. We also discussed ideas around improving communications between ourselves, different Chagossian groups and government agencies.

Alternative ways to public awareness of the Chagossian people's history and current situation were also debated.

The future of the organisation was also considered by all in attendance. Alternative ways to raise income, including applying for charitable status, were examined as potential means to do more to help the Chagossian community.

All this was considered in the light of the Chair's Statement (available for download here) and the Treasurer's Statement (Available for download here). More detailed minutes of the meeting are also available for download here.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and to anyone who has offered us any support of the past year. All our work is only possible thanks to you. If you have any questions about our work, or would like to get more involved, please email

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