Get your Chagos Christmas cards

This Christmas you can support the Chagossian cause and help raise awareness by sending these beautiful Christmas cards to family and friends.

We're suggesting a donation of £5 for 5, £10 for 10 or £15 for 20. You can make your donation directly on this website.

We know Christmas is coming up soon, and we have a limited stock, so please make your donation as soon as you can and we'll get them to you in ten days.

Your donations are vital for our work,

We an entirely voluntary group, with no paid staff and no offices. We rely entirely on small donations from supportive individuals who want to deliver a measure of justice to the Chagossian community.

In the last month we've delivered almost £800 of crisis grants to Chagossians. We're also part funding an ongoing cultural community project in Crawley, helping Chagossians maintain their traditional cultural practices.

And in the last year, we've helped fund several protest and organise Parliamentary receptions to help MPs understand the deep injustices the community have suffered, and what they can do to help.

We can do none of this without your support. So please, this Christmas, donate a few pounds and we'll send you these specially designed cards.

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