Chagossians to challenge UK in the Courts to win their right to return home

On 14 May 2018, the High Court will begin to hear a judicial Review of the decision taken last November that the UK will not facilitate the return of Chagossians to their homeland.

The decision was unexpected since it followed two Feasibility Studies which finally concluded there was no practical or legal obstacle to providing for resettlement of the Chagossian population which has lived in Exile since the deportations in the 1965-1973 period.

Chagossians from Mauritius, led by Olivier Bancoult, and from Seychelles, led by Solange Hoareau, will argue that the refusal is irrational and the money would be better spent on allowing Chagossians to go home, given that the USA has no objection to such resettlement.

Claimants from the Seychelles also wish to receive compensation since they were excluded from the agreement between the Governments of UK and Mauritius in 1982, which gave some Chagossians some modest provision, after living for ten years in absolute poverty. Chagossians living in the Seychelles never received any compensation.

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