International Court of Justice Chagos case: Seychelles backs challenge to UK sovereignty over Chagos

The government of the Seychelles have backed the Mauritian challenge to the UK’s claim over the Chagos Islands in an official submission to the International Court of Jusitce (ICJ).

Late last year Mauritius were successful in convincing a majority of nations in the United Nations General Assembly to pass a motion referring the UK to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in relation to it's treatment of the Chagos Islands at the time of Mauritian independence.

Mauritius allege that the UK's retention of the Chagos Islands when granting Mauritian independence 50 years ago violated international law. One central argument made by Mauritian representatives was that the current administration of the Chagos Islands by the UK was preventing Mauritius supporting a return programme for Mauritian citizens of Chagossian origin.

Johnny Bastenne, the Cabinet Secretary for Institutional Affairs in the Seychelles, stated that his government's support was designed to show support for the Chagos community in the Seychelles.

The move has been welcomed Pierre Prosper, Chairperson of the Chagos Seychelles Commitee, stating “We are very happy that the Seychelles government took this decisive and very important position at this juncture in support of the community in Seychelles.”

UK Chagos Support Association are glad the Seychelles government have stated that their interest is to support the Chagossian community. No matter what the outcome of this case, all nations involved should take urgent action to redress the neglect and abuse Chagossians have suffered at the hands of numerous governments in several nations over the years.

More details are available on the Seychelles News Agency website.

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