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Foreign Secretary answers questions on Chagos

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson answered a question in Parliament about the government's treatment of the Chagossian people this week, pledging to be "as humane as we can possibly be" and recognising their "justified complaints."

He was speaking in response to a question from Labour MP Catherine West, a former shadow Foreign Minister and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Chagos Islands. Her question was

"Will the Foreign Office review its current position on the plight of the Chagos islanders, who should be granted immediately the right to repatriation in their home in the Indian ocean territories?"

Mr Johnson's response, as can be seen above, was non-committal, but stated his Department was doing it's "absolute best" to deal with the "justified complaints" of the community. He added that he had met Chagossian community leaders in the UK, and referenced an ongoing sovereignty dispute with Mauritius over the Chagos Islands.

UK Chagos Support Association dearly hope the Foreign Secretary's comments will translate in to actions, both supporting the community in exile and providing Chagossians with their long-fought for right to return to their homeland.

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