• Rashida Simpson

Protest outside High Court of Justice on Tuesday 17 July

As the government’s hostile environment continues to affect the Windrush generation, many Chagossians have also been on the receiving end of harsh policy surrounding immigration. As more and more Chagossians suffer, the community remain resolute as they continue to fight for their cause. On Tuesday 17 July Dominique Elysee, the son of Chagossians, will have his case taken to the high court after being refused British citizenship.

Born in Mauritius in 1968, Dominique falls outside of the requirements for British citizenship. A change in legislation in 2003 means that once any child turns 18, who is of Chagossian parentage and was born outside of the Chagos Islands, they will require British citizenship of which they must pay £10,000 to obtain or face deportation.

To fight for his rights for justice, members of the Chagossian community will be joining Dominique on Tuesday and will dedicate several days to a peaceful protest outside the High Court of Justice in London.

Join them to support Dominique's future, and the rights for all Chagossians. And if you can't make it on the day, you can still support the Chagossian cause by donating to help with travel costs so as many Chagossians as possible can stand up for their community's human rights.

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