Chagossians occupy Trafalgar Square

Chagossians are entering their 2nd night occupying Trafalgar Square. They are doing so to raise awareness of their ongoing fight for justice and the right to return to the land of their birth.

The protest has been coordinated by community group Chagos Islanders Movement. One of the group's leading figures Jean-Paul France explained "they took over our country, so we're taking over their square."

Over 100 Chagossians have been involved, many elderly survivors of the deportations of the 1960s and 1970s. The community have spent the time explaining their history to shocked passers-by, many of whom had no idea about Chagossian deportation and long fight to return.

Giving out leaflets and displaying a makeshift exhibition on their history, they've already raised significant awareness of the ongoing fight for justice.

As the protest enters it's second night, support is urgently needed. UK Chagos Support Association has given over £450 to support transport to the event, but the community also need bedding, food and water and transport back to Crawley once the protest ends. Please give anything you can via the official fundraising page. Every penny goes to straight to Chagossians in the square.

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