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Oliver Bancoult TED Talk on Chagossian deportations

For those unfamiliar with TED talks, they are a series of inspirational talks by influential leaders in the fields of Technology, Education and Development, recorded in different venues around the world to local audiences, and made available to millions globally via the internet. Their strapline is ‘ideas worth spreading’.

This 14 -minute long TED talk by Olivier Bancoult, the leader of Chagossian group CRG (Chagos Refugees Group), recounts his struggle and the decades of injustice meted to the Chagossian people since the 1960s when their island was exchanged by the UK on a long-lease to the US, and they were forcibly exiled to Mauritius and Seychelles.

For those familiar to this sorry tale, there is not much that is new, and the images of the numerous court battles and protests by the Chagossian community in London have a poignant familiarity for many of us who have been involved in UK Chagos Support Association for a while. However, Olivier’s impassioned and dignified narration of his family’s early hardship and his enduring and defiant determination to see Justice done at last for his people, cannot fail to move.

He makes a concluding reference to the great waves of refugee migrations that the world is currently witnessing and questions why the Chagossian people are not allowed to return to their place of safety, their own birthplace.

Recorded in Mauritius in April 2018, this talk has already had 685 views. As, we share Olivier Bancoult’s fight to spread the word of the ongoing human tragedy and travesty of justice that is the Chagossian story, please watch it and send it on to your friends so that awareness can be raised globally until we win Justice for Chagossians. Now there’s an idea worth spreading.

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