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Chagos in the media: recent round-up

In the last few month or so a number of major media outlets from around the world have covered the Chagossian community's unique history and fight for justice. Taking various approaches to the issue, we've put together a quick summary below with links to the full works.

US Military newspaper Stars and Stripes reprinted a Los Angles Times article about the history of the Chagossian expulsion and the struggle for return. The piece, which attracted a lot of readers in the USA, will help raise greater awareness of Chagossian history. Not least in the US military itself, where even soliders stationed on Diego Garcia often report they have only the vaguest understanding of the islands history.

Meanwhile in Australia, broadcast network ABC have produced a podcast about the history, present and future of the Chagos Islands. Featuring interviews with a range of experts, they explore Australia's role in the history of the islands and look at the possible ramifications of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision for the Chagos Islanders.

Looking at another issue entirely, UK-based journalist Jess Middleton has been writing about the work of the Chagos International Football team in an article for Unreported World. Speaking to Chagos FA founder Sabrina Jean, Ms Middleton looks at how the team links with the wider fight for justice and what it means to the community.

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