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Chagos Media Round Up: January

Image from the Kontentialist report mentioned below

Any stories which raise awareness of and support for the Chagossian struggle for justice are always greatly appreciated, and this month there are a variety from around the world.

The Hong Kong Economic Journal published an article by their Lead Writer (Global) Simon Shen on how the 'British Indian Ocean Territory' (the official UK government name for the Chagos Islands) came in to being. It covers the history of the Chagos Islands, and also their potential future as he speculates on the outcome of the ongoing International Court of Justice dispute between Mauritius and the UK. The full article can be read here.

Another very different but even more thorough piece looked at Chagossian history this month, as students in Madagascar produced a six part podcast series on the Chagossian people's history and fight for justice. They contacted our organisation and a range of Chagossian groups around the world for contributions, and have put together an impressive piece of work. The podcasts can be listened on the school's Lemur Radio website.

Meanwhile in Mauritius a documentary about the ongoing work of the CHAGOS: Cultural Heritage Across Generations project hit TV screens this month. Ritvik Neerbun’s documentary about the launch of the new Chagos Tambour Group album “Leritaz Kiltirel Sagos” was shown by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation channel MBC1 on 18th January. A snippet from the documentary can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Finally Asian current affairs website Kontinentalist published an article looking at the Chagos Islands in the context of the British Empire. Giving a broad overview of the Islands history, it concludes by looking again at the potential consequences of the International Court of Justice verdict due later this year. You can read the full article on the Kontinentalist website.

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