New petition to end Chagossian deportations from the UK

The campaign for fair citizenship rights for Chagossians got a boost this month as a petition started by Chagossian Jeanette Valentin attracted more than 2,000 signatures on 38 Degrees. Please sign today.

Jeanette's daughters are being threatened with deportation to the Seychelles despite living in the UK for several years and completing their education in Milton Keynes after coming here legally with their mother, who is a British citizen.

Jeanette is entitled to British citizenship because her mother was born on the Chagos Islands. But because of the deportations in early 1970s, Jeanette was not born on the islands but in the exile of the Seychelles.

If the deportations had not happened and Jeanette had been born on the Chagos Islands her daughters would have the same rights as Jeanette herself. It's a grim irony that the deportation of Jeanette's mother means that her own daughters are now threatened with the same fate.

The petition calls for the government to back a legal change proposed by Henry Smith, the Conservative MP for Crawley. His British Indian Ocean Territory (Citizenship) Bill, calls for Chagossians to have the same rights as if the deportations had not happened. So rights to British citizenship can be passed through to the descendants of anyone born on the Chagos Islands.

You can sign the petition here - please sign today to let UK politicians know that this is important.

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