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Volunteer with UK Chagos Support Association

Chagossians, UK Chagos Support volunteers and supportive MPs at a debate our volunteers helped organise in Parliament

Did you know everything we do - from making sure the Chagossian voice is heard in the media to helping Chagossians facing financial hardship - is only possible with volunteers?

We have no paid staff and no offices, and rely entirely on people who want to support the Chagossian community in their fight for justice and in dealing with the ongoing consequences of the deportations.

Want to join us? We always need new volunteers, and this is a hugely important time. The eyes of the world are on the Chagos Islands following the International Court of Justice verdict.

No matter what your skills, experience or interests, we'll have a role for you, so please email for more details.

You can also see a few of our currently advertised volunteer roles here. These include opportunities to spread the word about the Chagossian experience in your community, raise funds to directly help the community and mange (and improve!) this website.

Only with your help can we get more people actively supporting the Chagossian fight for justice - please email if you've any questions or would like to talk further about any potential volunteer role.

Past volunteers have included everyone from retired public sector workers, current students and active legal professionals. But no-one interested in helping the Chagossian cause will be turned away.

We are also happy to give references for future paid employment and several of our volunteers have found full-time paid work as a direct result of their voluntary work with UK Chagos Support (myself included!)

And most importantly, it's also a wonderful opportunity to stand with the truly inspiring Chagossian community as they continue a half century fight for justice- please consider getting involved.

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