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Chagos Tambour Group launch new album

Chagos Tambour Group, a Mauritius-based group of Chagossians who have come together to celebrate and continue Chagossians unique cultural heritage have released a new album, featuring classic sega songs about the Chagossian experience of exile. The album was recorded at the Lisette Talate Centre in Pointe-aux-Sables.
Quote from the first song on the new album, Leritaz Kiltir Chagossien
A powerful quote from the track which opens the new album, Leritaz Kiltir Chagossien
The album has been supported by the CHAGOS: Cultural Heritage Across the Generations project, and is available to hear for free on the project's website.
Traditional Chagossian sega songs have documented Chagossian history for centuries, from their time on the islands to the struggles of exile.
A review in Mauritian media outlet L'Express puts it well when it states the album should be viewed "not just as a source of entertainment, but rather as a testimony. A testimony that on the three groups of islands – Diego Garcia, Peros Banhos and Salomon – where the Chagossians resided, a distinct lifestyle and culture emerged over centuries of geographic isolation. A political statement also from a community which has preserved its history."
We congratulate all involved in the fantastic new album. Anyone wishing to learn more about Chagossian culture and history could do much worse than listen to this album, or read the English language translations on the website.

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