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Chagos National Football team in historic win

The Chagos Islands International Football Team was back in action recently, as they beat Surrey national team 3-2 in one of their most impressive performances in years. You can support their continuing success by chipping in to cover travel and equipment costs.

In a close game where the Chagossian team took the lead three times, the winner was a penalty in the 76th minute

The UK-based team Chagos Islands team are coordinated by the Chagos Islands FA, and give young Chagossians a chance to come together, celebrate their unique community heritage and positively raise awareness of the Chagossian community across the UK and across the world.

Although an away match, the Chagossian team brought a loud travelling fanbase that shows the importance of the team to the local community.

Want to support the team? They are in action again on 25th May against Cascadia (a proposed independent country in South West Canada and North West USA) but need financial support to make sure the match can take place - please give using their crowdfunding page here.

You can also get tickets for the game which is being played in the UK, in Whyteleafe, near Croydon, on Eventbrite.

You can also buy a beautiful Chagos Islands replica shirt online right now - funds also go to support the team.

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