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New film on Chagossian exile has premiere

'Another Paradise,' a film which follows the Chagossian community in the UK, through their struggle in exile, has it's premiere this evening in Sheffield as part of the Sheffield Docfest. The film will also be shown on Monday 10 June as part of the festival - full details on the festival's website.

Largely filmed in 2016, the film follows pivotal events in the recent past of the Chagossian community. The government's 2016 refusal to permit Chagossian return after a lengthy policy review, a high-profile Supreme Court case and the Chagossian National Football Team's participation in the CONIFA World Cup all feature.

Sabrina Jean, Chairperson of the Chagos Refugees Group in the UK, features throughout the film and commented that she hoped the film would help the struggle. Speaking to the Guardian, she added that "Chagossians will not sit down. We will fight for our rights."

Belgian director Olivier Magis will join Ms Jean at the premiere this evening. He has said "the film aims to bring a shameful episode in Britain's post-colonial history out of the shadows."

The film is due to have significant exposure internationally, with public broadcasters screening it in Belgium, France and Finland.

We urge anyone who can make it to catch this film: we were lucky enough to see the crew at work on many occasions and appreciate their commitment to spreading the word on the ongoing Chagossian struggle. We will keep you posted when the film becomes more widely available in the UK and elsewhere.

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