Short debate in Parliament on future of Chagos Islands

Houses of Parliament

On Wednesday 3 July there will be a short Westminster Hall debate on the future of the Chagos Islands.

SNP MP Patrick Grady - also Vice-Chair of the Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group - is leading the debate, which will last half an hour and begins at 4:00PM.

The debate is formally titled 'UK General Assembly resolution on the future of the Chagos Islands,' and so will most likely focus on the reaction to the recent UN General Assembly vote that advised the UK to give up control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius (more details of the vote here, and of reaction to it here).

A minister from the Foreign Office will respond to Mr Grady's question, and any other questions raised by other MPs present. The short format of the debate means there will be limited chances for MPs to speak, but please ask your MP to attend, show support for the Chagos Islanders and, if possible, ask the government to put them at the centre of future decisions about the islands.

You can write to your MP using the Writetothem website, or you can tweet your MP using this tool, asking them to join the debate.

We're urging MPs speaking up in the debate to ask the government:

Work with the UN and other governments to priortise the human rights and future of the Chagossian people, including to deliver a programme allowing those who wish to return to the islands to do so.

Engage directly with the Chagossian community to discuss the future of their islands.

Support Henry Smith's Chagos Citizenship Private Members Bill, which would give citizenship rights to young Chagossians living in the UK, who are too often threatened deportation or face extremely high visa and citizenship fees, all as a direct result of the deportations of their grandparents generation (more details here).

What they have done with the £40m Support Package for the Chagossian community promised in 2016? Almost three years later, the community have seen little to no benefit and have reported it is still unclear how they can use the money to support community projects.

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