UK MPs make trip to the Chagos Islands

Peros Banhos, one of the islands visited by MPs on the trip

Three MPs, all members of the Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), have completed a UK government supported trip to the Chagos Islands.

MPs Catherine West, Daniel Kawczynski and the group's Chairperson Andrew Rosindell joined the four-day trip, which was reportedly organised at late notice.They visited Diego Garcia and other formerly populated islands including Peros Banhos.

Catherine West, one of the MPs who visited the islands

Catherine West, a long-term supporter of the Chagossian cause who formerly served as a Shadow Foreign Office Minister, spoke about the trip to the Guardian, stating:

"On the last day we met senior US officials … that would be the [focus] of any resettlement. There’s no reason why the community couldn’t seek work at the base. The best solution is for the UK government to resettle the Chagossians."

One anonymous source speaking to the Guardian suggested that the trip had been organised "to bolster support in parliament for continued British sovereignty of the archipelago." This refers to recent UN General Assembly and International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgements which instructed the UK to cede control of the islands to Mauritius.

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