Olivier Bancoult addresses Labour Party Conference

Olivier Bancoult, leader of Chagos Refugees Group, has addressed the Labour Party Conference to speak about the Chagossian community's aspirations to return to their homeland.

In his speech, which you can see here on Youtube, Mr Bancoult praises the years of support Mr Corbyn has provided for the Chagossian community and notes the wide support for Chagossian return among other UK political parties, and numerous governments across the world.

The Labour Party included restoration of Chagossian right to return in their 2017 election manifesto, and numerous other parties including the SNP, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SDLP have offered public support.

In his speech, Mr Bancoult also calls for the UK to comply with the UN General Assembly advisory opinion to cede control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius in the next month.

Ending with his address with a rousing call for Chagossian human rights to finally be respected, Mr Bancoult speaks with optimism of a return visit organised with the Mauritian government in the near future, and in the slightly longer-term of permanent restoration of the right to return to the Chagos Islands.

As Mr Bancoult notes in his speech, parties of all colours in the UK and elsewhere have been guilty of poor treatment of the Chagossian people. Now the challenge to all politicians is to commit to taking this opportunity to deliver justice for the Chagossian people.

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