Chagossians to protest British High Commission

Chagossians at a previous protest in Mauritius

On Friday the 22 November, Chagossians will take to the streets outside the British High Commission in Port Louis, Mauritius. The protest, organised by Chagos Refugees Group, will demand Chagossians right to return to their homeland and call for the UK government to comply with the UN General Assembly vote 6 months ago, which called for the UK to cede control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius.

The UN General Assembly vote, carried by 116 votes to 5, set a deadline of six months for the UK to comply. This deadline will expire on 22 November.

However, the vote is non-binding, and in a recent statement UK Ministers showed no indication that they will comply with either the UN General Assembly motion or the International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion which preceded it.

Chagos Refugees Group UK have posted more details of the protest, and a personal message from Chagos Refugees Group leader Olivier Bancoult, on their Twitter account.

UK Chagos Support Association calls on all world leaders - and particularly the UK government - to take this opportunity to engage directly with the Chagossian community. And to recognise Chagossians' right to determine their own future, and the future of their islands. It's time government engage directly with the Chagossian community across the world, deliver support for Chagossian return and offer proper support for those still living in exile.

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