Chagossians bring case to UK Court of Appeal

The UK Royal Courts of Justice

Chagosssians have this week been making their case in the UK Court of Appeal, appealing a High Court dismissal of a prior claim that the 2016 government decision to reject their right to return to their homeland was a breach of their human rights.

Solange Hoareau, a Chagossian born on the islands exiled to the Seychelles, and Olivier Bancoult, born on Peros Banhos, exiled to Mauritius and now leader of Chagos Refugees Group, have jointly brought this case.

Lawyers representing Chagossians have argued in court that with the UK in effective control of the Chagos Islands, they remain liable for human rights abuses committed there. The decision not to allow Chagossians to return to their islands in 2016, it has been stated this week, constitutes such an abuse.

It's also been noted in court that Chagossians exiled to the Seychelles, like Solange Hoareau, have never received any compensation for their exile.

The hearing continues and a date for the verdict has not yet been confirmed. You can read more in Owen Bowcott's Guardian article

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