Chagossian Voices Conference annouced 5 December

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

A Virtual Conferece organised by Chagossian Voices has been annouced for 5th December - sign up here. Initial details below but keep an eye out for sign-up links in the next few weeks. Voluntary support is always needed so please email if you'd like to get involved.

Chagossian Voices, a Chagossian community group, are organising a virtual conference on the 5th of December, web platforms, and other ways of sharing Chagossian experiences and views, with the aim of allowing members of the public, politicians and other decision makers to better understand the community and the issues it currently faces.

Chagossians from all generations, from young people building a life in the UK currently to survivors of the deportations of the 1960s and 1970s, will share personal accounts of their lives. Both the historic mistreatment they have suffered and the issues they continue to face today in the UK - including denial of citizenship rights and institutional racism - will be addressed.

The group will also present an agreed list of demands for action, addressed to the UK, Mauritian and other governments, as well as international bodies including the UN. These are actions which the group agree will act as a first step in alleviating the suffering decades of neglect of their community has caused.

Chagossian voices has no single leader and does not compete with, or replace existing Chagossian organisations, but has come together as a group to provide policy makers and the general public with a more accurate understanding of the Chagossian community.

They are concerned media coverage of the community has often misrepresented or oversimplified the community’s views and ambitions. The conference will be open to all Chagossians, to make sure the full diversity of views held in the Chagossian community can be heard.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the group – for example skills in web design, oral history, webinar production please email for more details.

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