Guardian article looks at failure of Chagossian Support Package

A recent Guardian article has analysed the extremely limited amount of the UK government’s pledged £40m Support Package for Chagossians which has been delivered so far.

Documents made available following a series of Freedom of Information requests show that despite the Support Package launching over four years ago, only tens of thousands of pounds have been spent on schemes supporting Chagossians. The vast majority of the funds have been spent on ‘Heritage Trips’ to the Chagos Islands, trips which were happening prior to the announcement of the package and which a number of Chagossians choose not to participate in.

In December 2020 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office launched a tender process in which organisations were invited to bid to run programmes to benefit the Chagossian community. UK Chagos Support Association and a number of Chagossian groups have written to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office with concerns around the process and criteria.

We have not received a response, and the results of the tender process have not been made public.

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